The IBN High School Series kicked off under incredibly difficult conditions this weekend. Saturday had high winds, rain, and some snow! That didn’t stop these competitors from fishing though, and our winning weights ended up putting out some impressive numbers. 4th place with 2 fish for 6.16lbs was the team of Domschke and Kubiak. They also just missed out on big bass for the event by 2/100th’s of an ounce! 3rd place was the team of Kennedy and Bartlett with 4 fish for 9.4lbs. 2nd place went to the one-man Junior competitor, Trey McKinney. Trey almost beat all of the High School competitors with 5 fish for 12.28lbs. Just nudging him out for first with 12.42lbs was the team of Owens and Mayfield. Big bass for the tournament was a 3.58lb fish from the team of Sochran and Scheinschang. Congratulations to all of our competitors for your skill and your toughness!