On Sunday, the IBN Team Series made it’s 2019 season debut on Lake of Egypt. Twenty-four teams of competitors were met with 30 degree temperatures, blue bird skies and a steady North wind. Despite the cold front and conditions, 9 teams were able to bring 10lb+ limits to the scales. In fourth place with 11.63lbs was the team of Chris Lide and Scott Oberts. Third place, with a weight of 11.80lbs was Mike Kaczmierczk and Chuck Pustz. In second place, with a weight of 12.02lbs, was the team of Bill Heller and Anthony Albanese. First place went to David & Barry Jaeger with a nice limit of 13.25lbs. Big fish for the day was 4.93lb bass from the team of Kotsakis and Fosterud. We look forward to seeing our competitors again this weekend at the Des Plaines River out of Big Basin. Good luck boys!

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