The IBN High School and Junior Bassmasters competed this past weekend on Lake Clinton, each for a spot at Nationals this year. Impressive weights were put up in both divisions this year, and both sides saw a big fish over 5lbs at the scale!

On the High School side, the top 3 finishers were:
1. Will Hornsby and Chaser Ellison with a 2 day limit total of 27.51lbs
2. Caden Petrille and Mateo Turano with a 2 day limit total of 26.17
3. Grant & Ryan Olsen with 10 fish for 23.99lbs.

Big fish for the event was 5.13lbs from the team of Scott Woltman and Carter Wijango

For the Juniors, the top 3 finishers were:
1. Carter Pjesky and Hayden Host with 10 fish for 24.09lbs
2. Landon Gabby and Easton Hilliard with 8 fish for 15.52lbs
3. Brayden Rivest and Christopher Volpe with 7 fish for 9.86lbs

Big fish for the Juniors was caught by our first place team, a 5.72lb bass.

First place from each division has qualified to represent Team Illinois and the IBN at the B.A.S.S. Nationals. Congratulations to our qualifiers!