The Illinois Team Series went to Lake Springfield on May 14th for the second tournament of the series. The forecast called for a windy clear day. The field was ready and the takeoff began shortly after 6 am. The wind did not let up with gusts up to 30 mph midday and with the high sky the bite would be tough. As the anglers came in you could tell they worked hard for what they had and 70% of the field brought fish to the scale.

As the anglers weighed in we were seeing some good bags. Seven teams weighed in a bag over 12 lbs. and Mike Busch and Mark Busch held the top spot with 10.64 lbs. There were several anglers left to weigh in when Mel Hedrick and Ed Travino came up just short with 9.44 lbs. Herb and Steve Rush were next and when the scale locked in at 12.42 lbs. they had the win. Big Bass for the event was taken by Mike Kazmierczak with 3.25 lbs. Herb Rush and Steve Rush 1st Place 17.42 lbs. Mike Kazmierczak Big Bass 3.25 lbs

  1. Herb Rush Steve Rush 12.42
  2. Mike Busch Mark Busch 10.64
  3. Mel Hedrick Ed Travino 9.44
  4. David Jaeger Barry Jaeger 7.70
  5. Mike Kazmierczak Mike Pappas 7.58
  6. Ralph Sweat Brian Tutko 7.09

For more information about the series look us up on facebook or at or The next event will be at Clinton Lake om June 26th.