On June 26th the anglers from the series took on Clinton Lake for the 3rd event in the series.

The weather was perfect. The skies were clear and there was a slight threat of rain around noon.

The field was ready for takeoff and the launch began at 5:30. The entire Marina cove was off limits due to the tournaments that released fish the day prior. We all need to remember to give the released fish a break.

As the day progressed the rain never materialized, skies remained bluebird and it became very humid.

The team of Jamie Maisenbacher and Scott Bree came in 30 minute early because their fish were having a tough time and he didn’t want to lose any. It is always great to see anglers concerned about fish care.

The early weigh in gave Jamie and Scott the lead with 19.14 lbs. and Big Bass at 5.21. Now they had to wait to see if they could hold that top spot.

The anglers started coming in and the weigh in bags were going fast. It was going to be another great weigh in.

The anglers came to the scale with bag after bag. Then Brad Norris and Ryan Robinson brought up a good looking bag. The scale stopped at 17.13 lbs. and Jamie and Scott hung on to the top spot. Soon Vaughn Capasso and Chris Capasso, the current Points Leaders for the series, came up and again this bag was a good bag. The scale stopped at 16.57 lbs. and now Maisenbacher and Bree looked to be the winners. The remaining angers could not come close to their weight and they held that top spot for the event. Brent Swartz and Brian Marsinko had the Big Bass for the event weighing in at 6.08 lbs. and took home the Big Bass Pot.

Congratulations to Jamie and Scott for a solid win. They have now locked up a spot in the Team Series Classic to be held in September.

The top 5 teams for the event were:
Jamie Maisenbacher and Scott Bree 19.14 lbs.
Brad Norris and Ryan Robinson 17.13 lbs.
Vaughn Capasso and Chris Capasso 16.57 lbs.
Brent Swartz and Brian Marsinko 14.48 lbs. Big Bass 6.08
Mel Hedrick and Ed Travino 14.33 lbs.